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SELFIE teleskopická tyč black



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Universal selfie stick, enabling taking pictures without having to use the self-timer. Includes remote wireless Bluetooth.

The handle has an adjustable tilt angle with a value of 180 degrees, which allows you to adjust the inclination of the device to the needs of the image. Long adjustable handle offers the possibility of recognition, carried out a large picture of the image. Monopod also has additional, universal mount on the phone.

Reinforced adjustable and rigid head allows you to maintain full stability position even in difficult conditions, and the rubber handle prevents the handle from falling out of hand. Built nut controls allows for proper positioning and stable mounting a camera and standard mounting thread 1/4" on the bottom of the handle allows you to connect it to another part of the thread eg camera tripod.

Included is also a wireless remote Bluetooth allows you to take pictures without having to use the self-timer. The remote control does not require the installation of the application.

Colour: Black


The maximum height: 97cm
Minimum: 27cm
Weight: 153g
Bounce thread: 1/4
Maximum load: 0,5 kg

2.Remote control:

Bluetooth: 3.0
Communication distance: up to 10m
Weight: 8.5g

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