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Tvrdené sklo 3D Samsung Galaxy S9 black



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Edge Glue Tempered Glass is a high quality tempered glass, ultra thin
and undetectable. Provides 100% screen transparency and high 9H hardness factor guarantees reliable protection.

Perfectly matched high-hardened tempered glass extends the life of your device.
Thanks to it, the screen is effectively protected against scratches providing at the same time comfort at work.

The foil with glue is placed only on edges of the glass, not on the whole surface.
Thanks to the carving process*, tempered glass provide high quality of protection. Ultra-thin formula provides the perfect transparency of the device screen, which retains the full touch features. In addition, the dedicated coating reduces the reflected effect on the finger screen.

The glass has notches adapted to the selected phone model.

The product is available in several color versions.

After applying glass, increase the touch sensitivity of the screen for use with screen protectors.

Glue: On the edges
Thickness: 0.3mm
Material: Tempered Glass
Protection level: Perfect thanks to the carving process*
Appearance: Color elements compatible with the phone model

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