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Puzdro Forcell Elegance Apple Iphone 5/5s/SE black



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Wallet type Forcell Elegance holster is a connection of style and functionality. The case stands out with precise finishing and comfort of using. The built-in magnet closing prevents from sliding out from the mobile phone.

The holster is made of high quality PC covered with soft eco-leather. Delicate material inside protects the device from scratches.

The holster has got a silicone handle inside, which keeps your phone in a stable position and protects the edges of the device. It is also equipped with pocket for documents.

Elegant case filed with the position of the tv stand allows watching films or using the Internet. It has also got cutouts for charger, loudspeaker or headphones and special covers for functional buttons.

The holster does not thicken the mobile phone. It fits the dedicated device very well.

The case is available in different colours: black, grey and gold.

Colour: Black

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