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Puzdro Xlevel Antislip Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge



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The transparent case X-Level Antislip with 0,78mm thickness fits the dedicated mobile phone perfectly, protects it from any damage.

The holster is made of soft, elastic and antislip TPU material. The case does not thicken the mobile phone. It has got reinforced frame and edges, which guarantee protection also for the screen.

The holster has got special stamped pattern on the back side to prevent the accumulation of water vapor. Strong material protects the device against scratches and minor damage. Thanks to its extraordinary thickness of 0.78 mm the case is very light, slim and impalpable.

The holster has cutouts for camera, charger, loudspeaker and special covers for function buttons, which provides free access without the necessity to take the phone out of the cover.

The case is decorated with producer’s logo.

The product is sold in an elegant package.

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